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How a Medspa Treatment Can Supplement Your Skincare Routine

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Are you looking for ways to boost collagen naturally? Has childhood acne left visible scars? Have you wanted to get a mole removed for years?

There are some skin challenges that your everyday skincare routine may not be able to overcome without some extra help. But when you supplement your skincare routine with professional medspa treatments, your chances of getting stubborn skin challenges under control increase.

Discover the benefits a medspa treatment can have on your skin.

What is a medspa?

When it comes to your skin, it’s completely normal to feel intimidated by trying new skincare products, let alone visiting a treatment center. However, a lot of intimidation comes from a lack of knowledge on what exactly a treatment center, such as a medspa, has to offer and for who.

A medspa, also known as a medical spa, is a type of treatment center that falls right in between a traditional spa center and a medical clinic. Imagine receiving a treatment delivered with the expertise you’d expect from a doctor in a relaxing atmosphere. From cosmetic injectables to extensive skin treatments, there is a wide range of professional treatments you can receive in a medspa without stepping foot into a stuffy doctor’s office.

Find the right medspa for you

If you’ve never been to a medspa, the first step you should take when considering a new treatment facility is to do your research - just like you would when you’re looking for a doctor. Not every medspa will be right for you.

Take an inventory of the medspas around you. Which medspas specialize in the treatment of your unique skin challenges? What do reviews say about the care and service? Is the staff trained and have the necessary certifications?

If a medspa checks off all of your boxes, then schedule an initial consultation.

What treatments should you consider?

A visit to a medspa site and you may get overwhelmed by the number of services you have to choose from. It’s important to keep in mind, however, a licensed aesthetician has the expertise to determine which treatments are best for your skin.

In the meantime, here are just a few skincare services to consider:

  1. Acne and scarring treatments: If you face chronic acne and subsequent scarring, turn to a medspa for a range of treatments, designed to address your unique acne challenges.
  2. Mole removal: Maybe you don’t appreciate your “beauty mark” as much as others. If you’re embarrassed by or worried about a mole or skin tag, medspas have safe and professional methods for removing them.
  3. Chemical peels: While the name may intimidate you, chemical peels are specially formulated to gently remove outer layers of damaged skin, exfoliate and rejuvenate.
  4. Microneedling: The perfect treatment for anything from acne scarring and stretch marks to surgical scars and stubborn wrinkles, tiny needles penetrate the skin to stimulate collagen production and promote skin rejuvenation.

Consult your esthetician about your skincare routine

Once you’ve settled on a medspa that meets your expectations, consult your esthetician about your skincare routine. After a medspa treatment, your skincare routine shouldn’t fall by the wayside. In fact, in between treatments, you should further commit to a skincare regimen to prevent your skin from regressing. Your esthetician will have the knowledge you can depend on to give you skincare tips, advice, and products that will most benefit your skin.

We are experts in more than just skin care products

Did you know that Urban Skin Rx was born from a medical spa of a similar name? Our founder, Rachel Roff, is a highly successful licensed medical esthetician and certified laser technician and has dedicated her career to treating diverse skin tones. It isn’t at all uncommon for licensed aestheticians and dermatologists to not have the necessary expertise to treat diverse skin tones.

However, Rachel Roff is committed to closing the gap in skincare and providing the best possible solutions for everyone regardless of skin type or skin tone through her line of skin care products and at her medspa in Charlotte, NC.

If you’ve noticed that your skin is still giving you trouble after implementing a skincare routine, it may be time to seek advice from a medspa. You may just uncover the “glow up” you’ve been searching for.

For more tips on maintaining or enhancing your skin, be sure to visit Urban Skin Rx’s Glow-Up Guide often.