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Don’t Let Your Skin Put a Dark Spot in Your Day

Dark skinned woman checking dark spot

During the winter months, it’s completely normal to miss the radiant skin you sported during the long days of summer. The last thing you need to put a damper on your day are dark spots.

These dark spots often scattered throughout the face and body that may have become a part of an everyday skincare struggle for some, can be embarrassing and hide the beautiful skin that lies beneath the surface.

If dark marks are negatively affecting your appearance, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Continue reading to learn more about the causes of dark spots and how you can treat them, even in the comfort of your home.

What causes dark spots?

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation often referred to as dark spots, is often caused by everyday skin issues such as acne, bug bites, scratches, ingrown hairs or eczema. Not to mention, the recurrence of dark spots may be largely related to your skin type. If you have darker skin, dark spots might be your number one skincare concern.

Due to an increased presence of melanin in the skin, individuals with melanin rich skin tend to deal with the challenges of dark spots more frequently than others.

Find the right treatment for your dark spots

As is the case with any skincare challenge, the first step you should take when it comes to dark spots is to seek help from a skincare expert such as a dermatologist, the “first responders” in skincare.

Whether you’re just noticing your first dark spot or you’re dealing with them on a regular basis, a licensed professional is your best choice for establishing the root cause of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. They will provide insight into how you should best improve the issue by suggesting an in-house professional treatment, acne treatment methods, eczema remedies, and professional skincare products.

Save money by trying products at home

Worried about spending an arm and a leg on dark spot treatments? You’re not alone. Frequent visits to dermatologists, professional chemical peels and creams that fade the look of pigment can dig a hole in your pocket. And while you should always consider seeking the advice of a licensed skincare professional when you’re dealing with skin challenges, there are other options.

Here are a few over-the-counter dark spot treatment alternatives that won’t break your bank:

  • Exfoliating facial scrubs
  • Vitamin C serums
  • Acne spot treatments
  • Dark spot correctors
  • At-home chemical peels
  • Skin tone correcting pads

A simple search using the above terms will produce a plethora of skincare products to peruse. Keep in mind, not every skincare product is created for your unique skin. Take your time and get to know each product line by reading reviews, product ingredients and even research the legitimacy of the creators behind the product before you invest your money or expose your skin.

Urban Skin Rx is here to help brighten your day

A quick browse of the Urban Skin Rx website will not only show that we are an educated and reputable skincare brand but that we serve a wide range of products designed with diverse skin tones in mind. If addressing your dark spots are at the core of your skincare needs, check out our selection of Dark Spot/Uneven Skin Tone products to add to your skincare routine.

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