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At the Intersection of Politics, Race and the Beauty Industry

African American woman activist utilizing a megaphone within a crowd

Over the past few months, we’ve been inundated with conversations surrounding COVID-19, social injustice, racism and the upcoming presidential election. In the midst of all this, some beauty brands have seen steady - if not increased - sales growth. This puts the beauty industry at a unique position in which it can help affect true change.

Consumers aren’t just watching brands to make better purchasing decisions that align with their principles, but believing the beauty/cosmetic industry is obligated to step up to the challenge of diversity and inclusivity. This article highlights some of the findings of a recent study that reveals the correlation between the Black Lives Matter Movement and beauty consumers.

Beauty & Black Lives Matter

In a study conducted by The Benchmarking Company in August of 2020, the beauty and personal care consumer researchers asked 2,900 beauty and personal care buyers ages 18 and up their opinions on the Black Lives Matter Movement. This is a summary of what the study found:

  • 83% of female beauty consumers support the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement
  • 89% of BLM supporters feel that women-focused brands, such as beauty/cosmetics, have an obligation to empower women, regardless of ethnicity or color
  • 52% supported a brand because it supports diversity, inclusivity and equality
  • 28% donated money to an organization that supports diversity/ inclusivity/social change
  • 87% (among Black women) and 59% (among other women with darker skin tones: Hispanic/Latina, Asian, American Indian, Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, etc.) believe there is a lack of beauty products made for Black women
  • 53% of Black women and other women of color have felt discriminated against/encountered racism while shopping for beauty in-store
  • 59% feel the beauty industry as a whole will be held accountable by consumers to achieve more diversity 

At a bare minimum, these numbers show that the beauty industry not only should feel an obligation to promote outward diversity in product offerings but also that consumers are expecting that they do so and more. Now more than ever, the beauty industry and brands have an opportunity to make adjustments inside and out and set an example for all other industries.

Urban Skin Rx® Continues to Strive to Do More

Urban Skin Rx® is a clinical skincare line that was created specifically to address the lack of products for diverse skin tones in the beauty industry. We’re committed to continuing to raise the bar and our voices in our dedication to social change.

We understand that it’s not enough to simply offer products, that’s why we are constantly looking for ways to learn and grow by committing to diversify hiring and promotion opportunities, engage with our customers to uncover their needs and donate annually to organizations fighting for those on the margins.

For information on non-profits we support and to get involved, check out our Non-Profits We Support page dedicated to sharing current and ongoing initiatives we support.

Source: The Benchmarking Company. (2020). Beauty & Black Lives Matter. Beauty by the Numbers™ 2020 Infographic Series: #6