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5 Skincare Trends to Look Out for in 2021

A melanated woman of deep complexion cleansing her face utilizing a textured round cotton pad

While we’re still not in the clear with regard to racial injustice or COVID-19, we can all look back at 2020 and agree we’re glad it’s in the rearview mirror. However, we can take some learnings from the year and bring them with us as we look forward to 2021 and (hopefully) all that it has to offer.

So what were our takeaways from 2020 from a skincare perspective? Here are a few highlights.

#1 Making time for skincare is essential and that became abundantly clear last year. Whether that was due to an abundant amount of time spent at home reading up on 2020 trend reports or social media challenges-gone-viral, skincare companies shined bright while other industries had to hunker down and face some of the biggest challenges they’d ever seen.

#2 There wasn’t much need for makeup. Why? We weren’t really going anywhere! And after all the time we spent perfecting our skincare routine, we didn’t want to bog down our glow with layers of makeup - unless it was for that #GetReadyChallenge, which ended with us donning cozies and returning to the couch.

#3 Maskne is a whole thing. Whether by choice or by state mandate, many of us realized that masks were going to be our new go-to accessory for the unforeseeable future. And that accessory came with a whole set of challenges for the constant mask-wearer whose irritated skin resulted in breakouts and dark marks.

While many of these learnings are carrying over into the new year, we also have a whole new set of trends to look out for in the new year. What are those, you ask? Here they are!

  1. Skinimalism - Oh you thought we were done adding new vocab words when we introduced “maskne?” You were wrong. Skinimalism is the new minimalism for the skin. For those of you who are seeing this for the first time, essentially skinimalism is the new glow-up trend that marries embracing natural skin sans makeup with streamlined skincare regimens.
  2. Celebrity skincare - You KNOW you were hype and watching in anticipation after Rihanna dropped her thirst-quenching Fenty Skin ads. Well, she wasn’t the only one to add a skincare line to their long list of achievements. So did JLo, Alicia Keys and Pharrell to name a few. Plus, we hear Kris Jenner is getting in the game, too!
  3. Sustainable skincare - Everyone’s hopped on the “save the environment” train at least once and we aren’t mad at them! Skincare brands are showing they can make space for sustainability by creating eco-friendly packaging.
  4. Personalized skincare - Who said you can’t have skincare formulated just for you? That’s right, some skincare brands are finding ways to create customized products to address an individual’s specific skincare needs and skin type.
  5. De-stressing skincare - We all needed a chill pill last year. This year, we have the chance to get that and more. Skincare brands are finding ways to incorporate ingredients that relieve stress into their products. Hmm, a serum that relaxes fine lines and wrinkles AND your mood? Sign us up!

We told you, even if you didn’t know it there was something you could look forward to in 2021. Here’s to finding new ways to boost your glow all year long!

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