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Step Into Urban Skin Rx

Baring It All

What is it?

Five women bare it all in the new 5 part mini series, "Step Into Urban Skin Rx".  Watch each week as these real women, who each play an integral role at Urban Skin Rx, share their stories of struggle and triumph.  From toxic relationships, to body dysmorphia learn how each person has overcome, and is still overcoming, their greatest obstacles. 

Rachel Roff

Go behind the scenes with Rachel Roff and see how she overcame her past dysfunctional relationships, what motivated her to start Urban Skin Rx and how she handles her most important job of all, being a single mom. 

Elisabeth Shaver

At 37, Lissie never thought she would still be single and navigating the dating scene. But after years of incompatible relationships, she had to examine her expectations, and shift her perspective on a lot of societal norms. In her search for love, she found her strength and came to recognize the importance of developing her own sense of self, finding her passion and purpose in a career she loves, and feeling whole on her own.

Jessamine Mackenzie

Jessamine’s struggle with depression has been more than an occasional sadness. It has significantly impacted her life, how she shows up in relationships and even how she shows up for herself. Listen as she shares how she finds her strength to keep pushing forward.

Tawana Edwards

After losing their home in a fire, Tawanna and her mother had to go live with her Grandma.  Amongst her cousins she was the only child with darker skin and her Grandma made sure she knew it at every moment.  Tawanna experienced rejection and bullying constantly from her own family.  She was already experiencing bullying for her skin at school, and what should've been her sanctuary was another place of pain. She channeled her pain by constantly getting into fights at school.  Through the love of her paternal grandmother, she learned how to overcome the colorism she was experiencing, and truly love her own skin.

Julie Sati

Julie and Rico's relationship has been one trial after the next. Lost jobs, cheating, and jail time should've made them crumble.  Listen as they share how they beat the odds, bounced back from adversity, and came to a place of strength and love that they never could've imagined.  

Lindsey Fore

Lindsey thought that the crippling anxiety she had every time she looked in the mirror was normal for most girls until she had a panic attack over a blemish on her wrist.  Learn how she started her journey to overcome the disease of body dysmorphia, and how she continues to battle it every day.  

Mercedes Bolden

Dancing professionally was all Mercedes wanted since she was four years old.  She chased her dream all the way to L.A. where the glitter and Hollywood lifestyle made her lose focus.  After an injury that ended her professional career, Mercedes had to refocus her life and redirect her dreams.


Most people don't consider ADD a handicap, but for Sharetta, it has been debilitating.  It's affected her relationships, daily life, and her work.  Her desperate desire to not be dependent on medication motivates her to overcome it.



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