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Check & Protect! It’s Skin Cancer Awareness Month
Inclusive Clinical Skincare
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Check & Protect! It’s Skin Cancer Awareness Month

GLOW UP PROGRAM APPLICATION AND PARTICIPATION TERMS (“PROGRAM TERMS”): The inaugural installment of the Urban Skin Rx GLOW Up Program (“Program”) will open for applications on July 23rd, 2021. Entrants should complete and submit application as directed on the Glow Up Program Application page no later than 11:59 PM ET on August 20th, 2021. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. USRx LLC (“USRx”) may, but is not required to, acknowledge receipt of applications. The application responses become the property of USRx, provided entrants retain all rights in any sample content provided or linked to the application.


Open to legal US residents 18+ who reside in the US, have a total of 10,000+ Instagram followers or 25,000+ TikTok followers.

Selection Criteria

On August 23rd, 2021, USRx will select and notify up to 3 Program Participants (each a “Participant”) based on the completed applications timely received. Selection criteria is as follows:

  1. Alignment with USRx’s brand values and ethos, based on sample content provided or linked in the application (25%),
  2. BIPOC representation (10%),
  3. Sample content provided or linked as part of application is impactful and shows a strong connection to entrant’s local community (15%),
  4. Sample content provided or linked as part of application is of good quality and shows a personal voice (25%); and
  5. Sample content provided or linked as part of application is distinct and shows a unique personal style (25%).
In the event of a tie between entrants, the entrant with the highest score on criteria (v) above will advance. USRx reserves the right to select fewer than 5 Participants, and even none, if the quality of applications so warrants. USRx will communicate with entrants using the contact information provided in the application. It is the responsibility of the entrant to notify USRx of any changes to the contact information provided by emailing any changes to glowup@urbanskinrx.com; be sure to reference the Program and provide entrant name and other contact information provided on the application. If reasonable attempts to notify a Participant fail for any reason, and such person does not promptly respond as requested, the selection may be forfeited. USRx reserves the right (but is not required to) to select an alternate Participant from remaining eligible applications.

Participation Conditions

To be eligible to participate in the Program, in addition to meeting the eligibility requirements stated above, Participants will be required to enter into an independent contractor/influencer agreement on USRx’s standard form of agreement, sign a publicity release and complete appropriate tax reporting documentation (collectively, “Program Documents”).

The consideration paid to Program participants is $6,670 in exchange for the Participant completing the following:

  • Creation of 6 pieces of content, including 2 Instagram Reels posted to feed & to TikTok (if applicable).
  • Distribution of products to Participant followers (30 products to be provided by USRx at no cost)
  • Distribution of PR/Influencer Mailers to Participant follows (5 to be provided by USRx at no cost)

In addition to the $6,670 payment, USRx will provide Participants with the following:

  • Early access to new product launches scheduled during the term of the Program, if any
  • One (1) monthly call with Rachel Roff & the USRx team for support and guidance
  • Feature the Participant’s content on USRx Social Media Pages

USRx reserves the right to modify the terms of the Program by supplementing or substituting items above for substantially equivalent or better elements prior to execution of the Program Documents.

Program Documents

The Program Documents will include a publicity release permitting USRx to announce the names of Program Participants. No participation in the Program is permitted if an entrant declines to sign the Program Documents, and the Program Documents will allow USRx to terminate participation in the Program in the event of the failure to comply with the terms of the Program Documents. The Program Documents may also include a three-month term in which Participants must complete all of their obligations in the Program (i.e., content creation), and content creation guidelines, including, without limitation, a requirement to disclose being a paid influencer on behalf of USRx.

Limits on Liability

In the event of any inconsistency or conflict between these Program Terms and any materials advertising the Program, these Program Terms shall control. If an individual selected to participate in the Program is not in fact eligible, or fails to comply with these Program Terms, the individual’s participation in the Program will be forfeited and USRx reserves the right (but is not required) to select an alternate Participant from among remaining eligible applications. USRx shall have no liability in connection with applying to or participation in the Program, and by applying, each entrant waives any indirect, special or consequential damages against USRx and shall be limited to recovering no more than their ACTUAL, out-of-pocket costs to submit an application. All disputes in connection with the Program will be resolved under North Carolina law in the federal or state courts in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. Entrants shall indemniFy and hold USRx harmless from any third party claim RESULTING FROM infringeMENT on the intellectual property, privacy or publicity rightS of any third party

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