Type 2 - Eventone Acne Control Package

Eventone Acne Control Package $189 (reg $216)

Acne with Uneven Skin Tone/Scarring/Sun Damage


  • Skin is uneven, blotchy, has dark spots/brown spots (hyperpigmentation) or red scars as a result of injuries to the skin, history of over-exposure to the sun, breakouts, ingrown hairs, etc.
  • Skin is also prone to breakouts of pimples or clogged pores, often that is what's causing the hyperpigmentation/dark marks or scarring.
  • May have enlarged pores mostly in the T-zone, including blackheads.
  • May have melasma which can look like dark patches above the lip, on upper cheeks, or forehead, caused by the use of birth control pills, pregnancy, or other changes in hormonal levels


  • Clear Skin Cleansing Bar
  • Clarifying GlySal Pads 5%
  • DermShield All Skin Sun Protection 


  • Clear Skin Cleansing Bar
  • Even Tone Night Treatment (Every other night) 
  • Hydrabalance Light Moisturizer

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